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Never knowing where his next case will come from, Private Detective Jarvis Mann is thrilled when his voicemail is lit up by the sexy tones of a lady looking to hire him. Successful business woman Emily White with girl next door looks, is certain someone is stalking her and wants Jarvis to track down the elusive shadow. Even with three suspects, an ex-husband who lives to play softball, a sexist pig ex-employee and a mystery man who he encounters with painful results, Jarvis believes it's all in Emily's head until a killing in her home convinces him otherwise. Further complicating matters a powerful business man and crime boss becomes involved muddying up the case, leaving Jarvis the prime suspect in the brutal beating of one of the possible stalkers, threatening to put his PI career on ice. Navigating through each twist and turn in the case, and the affections of two desirable women both with an agenda, Jarvis uses dogged determination and razor sharp wit in Tracking a Shadow that moves across the Denver landscape with each shift in the sun.

The Sexy Nerd ‘Revue’
Jarvis Mann wasn’t your average run-of-the-mill Private Investigator. Although he liked money just like the next guy, there were two key components that Jarvis demanded of his potential clients. First, never lie to him about the facts of your case and second, have his retainer up front and be able to foot the bill for his services. If you can handle those two things, Jarvis was your mann (chuckle).

This is what he advised his newest potential client, Emily White. What struck Jarvis as odd is that Emily didn’t seem to have any issues with his rules—and not only did she not have any issues with his rules, she had plenty of money to back her up. Jarvis was excited to do business with the beautiful businesswoman. The only problem was, Jarvis didn’t think the pretty little lady had much of a case. So, you’re wondering what was Emily’s problem? A stalker! Emily was convinced someone was following her to do her harm, but why? That’s what Jarvis wanted to know as well. Since Emily didn’t have a problem being truthful, she began laying out the possible suspects who was stalking her.

As Jarvis begins taking notes, after carefully folding her freshly inked check in his shirt pocket, one thing was becoming very obvious. This woman had to be nuts. What she described sounded like what most women go through with men, especially when she was a real looker, which Emily definitely was. Jarvis begins to shadow Emily to get a sense of her daily routine, when strange things and occurrences begin to happen, which gives Jarvis pause. Perhaps Emily wasn’t imagining things after all? As the reader follows the clues and the would-be suspects, it will become crystal clear that what you see isn’t exactly what you’ll get!

This was a fun book to read on so many levels. First off, Jarvis was a quick-witted wise ass that made following him a pure pleasure. He made me laugh so many times with his sarcastic sense of humor. There were times when Jarvis made some errors, which you may find were a little obvious, but after getting to know the character, you’ll soon discover his actions suited his personality well. This is the first time I’ve read Weir and he’s written a very suspenseful, old-fashioned private investigator type of novel. I couldn’t get enough of Jarvis. Not to mention, I so enjoyed his name. It’s not one you read a lot in books, so that was quite refreshing. 

What I also loved about this character is that he may have appeared to be an average type of guy, but he was one who could kick major ass, which he needed those skills for some of the shady characters he met along the way. All-in-all this was a quick read that worked up fast to get you going and kept you going. A definite page turner. The characters felt real and brought a lot of mystery to the story line. Weir did an amazing job keeping the reader’s interest.

The Sexy Nerd gives Tracking a Shadow five looks through the magnifying glass. This was a humorous suspenseful tale about sex, money, power and greed. With those ingredients thrown in the mix, you have a recipe for a great suspense novel. Well done, Weir, I’m definitely a fan!

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