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The Sexy Nerd's #Book #Review Featuring Palm Beach Poison by Tom Turner. . .#Suspense #Mystery #Drama

Vasily Zinoviev is the last man on earth you want to say no to. Just ask the "working girl" who suffered a horrible death while skinny-dipping in a pool one night. Or the president of the prestigious Poinciana Club who’s sorry he ever laid eyes on the ruthless Russian. 

Living in a $20 million oceanfront mansion with a harem of mistresses, Vasily and his brother are more than a handful for Palm Beach homicide detective Charlie Crawford. But throw in a vengeful ex-wife, a vicious hit man, a mysterious tycoon–even more diabolical than the Russians– and you have Palm Beach Poison.

The Sexy Nerd ‘Revue’

To say that everyone has a “price” in which they can be bought might not necessarily be true if you’re the owners of the Ponciana Club. When one-half of the Russian brothers, Vasily Zinoviev, proposition the president of the Ponciana Club about purchasing the club, Churchill Ames thought this man was out of his mind. To put it mildly, Ames made it perfectly clear, the Ponciana is not for sale—no way, no how! Vasily wasn’t going away that easily. Of course everyone has a price. He demanded that Ames speak with the executive committee and board members to get them to sell him the Poinciana, but much to Vasily’s surprise, Ames flat out refused. What Ames couldn’t possibly have known is that he pissed off the wrong man. There isn’t a person alive that would ever tell Vasily—No!

Meanwhile, Ames went on with his life and satisfied he told that arrogant Vasily Zinoviev that he wouldn’t dream of selling Palm Beach’s landmark building, the Ponciana Club, he decides to celebrate his victory by chilling by the pool with a gorgeous woman. His lady friend decides to take a dip in the pool and sees something moving in the water. The next thing Ames knows, he hears piercing screams and finds himself surrounded by several water moccasins. While he’s trying to figure out his next move, his lady friend is being bitten several times by the poisonous snakes. Ames felt bad for his friend, but not bad enough to try and save her. What was he to do? And that, readers, is where our story jets from there. 

This was an exciting read! In fact, as I may have mentioned in my last review of Palm Beach Nasty, it reads like an old PI story of yesteryear. Turner brings to life the most shadiest characters ever to wreak havoc on Palm Beach and its residents. He even managed to throw in some new ones. What I love about Turner’s writing is how you never quite know who to trust, and there are several little stories going on at the same time. When those “little” stories come together, you get a story so out of this world, your eyes can’t soak up the words fast enough to gather all the clues and details. Charlie Crawford is a brilliant detective, and although he may not see the whole picture at first, when he does, he gets his Columbo-ish attitude going and lookout criminals, Crawford’s about to tear you a new one! 

If you’re new to the Charlie Crawford series, I’m telling you this is a great series to read. What’s even more amazing is they read as standalones, but I would advise that you read Palm Beach Nasty first so that you get to know the main characters and players in the stories. Other than that, if you love a good whodunit and detective drama, this is the series to read. Well, well, done, Turner! You did it again! Awesome read!

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