Wednesday, June 5, 2019

The Sexy Nerd's #Book #Review Lies She Told by Cate Holahan...A #Mustread

Liza Jones has thirty days to write the thriller that could put her back on the bestseller list. In the meantime, she’s struggling to start a family with her husband, who is distracted by the disappearance of his best friend, Nick. With stresses weighing down in both her professional and her personal life, Liza escapes into writing her latest heroine.

Beth is a new mother who suspects her husband is cheating on her while she’s home alone providing for their newborn. Angry and betrayed, Beth sets out to catch him in the act and make him pay for shattering the illusion of their perfect life. But before she realizes it, she’s tossing the body of her husband’s mistress into the river.

Then the lines between fiction and reality begin to blur. Nick’s body is dragged from the Hudson and Liza’s husband is arrested for his murder. Before her deadline is up, Liza will have to face up to the truths about the people around her, including herself. If she doesn’t, the end of her heroine’s story could be the end of her own.

The Sexy Nerd ‘Revue’

If you ever wanted a book to bend your mind and twist it until you were so confused you didn’t know where to turn and what to think, Lies She Told will give you all of that and more! I absolutely loved this story! OMG, I was so torn between the parallels of Liza and Beth. My, my, my! What an incredible story.

Liza had long exhausted her excitement off her last best seller, Drowned Secrets. She was looking for that next thriller that was going to catapult her and her publishing house to the next level. She had been dragging her feet to get her latest novel done and for good reason. She was distracted of sorts. Her husband’s law partner was missing and it was wreaking havoc on their marriage. Liza wanted to practice making a baby with her lawyer husband, but all he could think about was his partner, Nick.

It wasn’t that Liza wasn’t sympathetic to her husband’s feelings. She was. It was the fact that he was spending all his time at his law practice and she needed him to be with her. Since her husband had literally given her the boot, Liza took this time to write about her heroine, Beth. Liza and Beth both had a dilemma. Beth’s husband was away from her because he was cheating. And what was worse, she was a new mother caring for their daughter, Victoria. Ok, some new moms struggle with the baby and dealing with life—it’s not easy overseeing another’s life. But to have your husband of twelve years step out on you—well, that was another matter entirely! 

As Liza and Beth each struggle with their own problems, the reader will slowly but surely begin to wonder about a great many things. And I bet you’re wondering what exactly could that be? When I tell you these two stories are so similar, it will become clear that what you think you know, you really don’t! Holahan did an exceptional job at keeping the reader guessing. I got to the point where I had to go back and re-read paragraphs because I was soaking up the words too fast because their stories were so damn good! And when you get to the ending—Oh Wow! Like I said, if you’re looking for suspense and intrigue, THIS is the STORY for YOU! The twists in this story had me so wound up that I began dreaming about the characters.

You know a story is good when you can’t wait to get done handling your own life’s problems, so you can get back into theirs. I stayed up late a few nights, sacrificing my work sleep for this book. It was well worth it and more! What an amazing story and the characters are such that you will invest your time in getting to know what is real and what is fiction. I’ve never read Holahan’s work before, but I must say, if she writes every book the way she wrote this one, she has a HUGE fan in me. Wow, outstanding read!

The Sexy Nerd gives Lies She Told five truthful stars and counting! This was one explosive read that blew my mind completely. I was so not ready for what I received. Oooh, this was such a great story! 
Thank you.

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