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Two parents, desperate to find their missing daughter, stand accused of murder. How far will they go to find the truth?

Someone is guilty.

For the last seventeen years, everything Harry and Zara King have done has been for their crown jewel, Sophie, their one and only daughter. When she goes missing, Harry and Zara will stop at nothing to find her.

Someone knows what happened.

The police have no leads, and as the weeks pass there’s little news. Harry and Zara’s suspicion of a neighbor and his involvement in Sophie’s disappearance quickly becomes an obsession—and they'll do anything to get the answers to their questions.

Someone will pay.

When the neighbor is found dead in his apartment, Harry and Zara are arrested and charged with murder. They deny everything. Meanwhile, their precious daughter is still missing...

The Sexy Nerd's Review...

Teenagers are trying to make way for themselves and are caught in that weird space between being a kid and growing up. Not only do they spend their time trying to figure things out and thinking they know everything, but they can be extremely rebellious. Sophie wasn’t any different from any teenager you know. She’s seventeen and trying to break the strings of her parents. She wants more freedom and she wants to be treated more maturely, but are Harry and Zara wrong for trying to protect their only child? Absolutely not! But to Sophie they are overbearing monsters trying to stunt, not only her growth as a person, but her fun. What kind of parents are they? Since Sophie couldn’t listen to reason, her parents got the idea of putting a padlock on her door to keep her from going out and getting herself in trouble. And, as a result of her parents’ action, set off a chain of events that none of them could have foreseen.

Sophie is now missing. She’s been gone for over seven weeks and her parents are going insane with worry and grief. They are fighting the demons and that little voice in their heads telling them that their daughter is dead. No matter what Harry and Zara refused to give up hope. Harry went on a crusade and began his own investigation into the disappearance of Sophie. For you see, the police just weren’t working fast enough for him. He went door to door of all his neighbors and he did it more than once. But there was one neighbor in particular who never answered his door and wouldn’t give the Kings the time of day. This baffled Harry and Zara King. Everyone did all they could to assist them with finding their daughter, but this one neighbor refused to help. Why?

As the weeks turned into months, their daughter’s disappearance was more than either of them could stand. What were they supposed to do as parents? They blamed themselves for everything. They played the memories over and over again wondering if they hadn’t put that padlock on the door would Sophie still be with them? The guilt trip was killing their vibe and all they wanted was to have their beautiful daughter back. They no longer knew right from wrong or up from down. Their every waking thought, because sleep evaded them both, was to get Sophie back.

It was a year of agonizing pain when a strange turn of events began to come into view. The Kings were mere shells of themselves. They didn’t recognize one another and both were giving up their will to live. One of their neighbors turned up dead and no one could figure out who did it or why. All the evidence pointed to one couple, but they weren’t talking. And with that, Nerds, is where this story takes off in a blaze of mayhem and murder.

My heart bled for the Kings. I could feel every bit of their pain as I journeyed along with them. OMG, there were times when I felt myself crying because Mahmood did an exceptional job in placing you right in the front seat of our main characters. If you didn’t feel what the Kings felt, you couldn’t be human. This story was so beautifully written. Even though the content of the story was very painful to witness and had such sadness, I could not stop tapping the pages to find out what was going to happen next. There was so much excitement following along with Harry and Zara. Their actions will cause you to question if you were in their shoes, would you make the same decisions they did? I answered that question for myself and it will remain that way. This is one of those stories where you have to decide this solely for yourself because we are all different. I will not reveal my answer in this review. ๐Ÿคจ

This was an incredible story and I’m so elated to have started my 2024 reading off with a damn bang!

The Sexy Nerd gives Finding Sophie five additional sets of investigators to continue the search. Overall, this was an amazing read and one that will keep you turning/tapping the pages. Finding Sophie goes on sale, Tues., March 5, 2024, wherever books are sold or at your favorite book retailers. I encourage you to download and/or grab your copy immediately and get to reading. You can find the link to the pre-order on the side bar of this blog. You will not be sorry you did.

Until next time, Nerds, you know what to do!

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