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Art of the Chase
Jennifer Giacalone

Publication date: October 9, 2023
Genres: Adult, LGBTQ+, Mystery, Romance

When a notorious art thief surfaces, warring detective exes reunite for the hunt. A second-chance lesbian romantic suspense that fuses the fine line between love and hate.

Six years ago, the “Fabulous Gustave” slipped the grasp of Agent Fleur van Beekhof, making off with a priceless artwork…and Fleur’s beautifully ordered life. Suddenly the cool, pragmatic Europol detective lost her detective partner and wife, her rising career, and her control, thanks to the addictive lure of cards.

When a new Italian art theft bears all the markings of Gustave’s taunting style, Fleur is put back in the field, because no one knows him better. She jumps at the chance to correct the mistake that ruined her life. The hitch? She has to work with her fiery ex-wife.

Where Fleur is by the book, Renata skirts the rules, leaps into danger, and looks frustratingly hot while doing it.

As Fleur and Renata chase flamboyant Gustave around Europe, will their case push them back into each other’s arms, or shatter what’s left of Fleur’s heart?

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“It really is odd that Gustave went for this painting, isn’t it?” Fleur said.

She closed her laptop and stretched her long frame out on the bed, allowing herself to relax into nostalgia despite herself.

“It did occur to me.” The sound of a lighter flicking and Renata taking a drag off a cigarette followed. “It seems like something he’d take if he specifically wanted us to chase him, you know? It’s easy enough to find out that I have a particular relationship with Artemisia’s work.”

“You’re saying it feels personal?”

“I guess I am, yes. But didn’t it always with him?”

Fleur and Renata had spent nearly a year chasing him all over Europe. Four thefts in that time, and each time the games grew more byzantine, more public. He had found in Fleur and Renata some sort of favorite adversaries and would often leave taunts aimed squarely at them.

“I suppose it did. Like the typewritten note he sent after the Cezanne in Amersfoort?”

“He complimented my jacket.” Renata sounded newly annoyed by it.

“The cashmere Prada? It was beautiful.”

“Of course it was, because I don’t wear shit. But it was very creepy, you know?”

“Don’t worry. When we do catch him, I’ll rough him up a bit for you.”

Renata chuckled again. “You would deny me the pleasure of doing it myself?”

Fleur was still feeling a little loose from the wine. “Oh, forgive me. I would never want to deny you pleasure.” It slipped out sounding suggestive, and she hadn’t intended it to, but a stubborn little voice in her said Don’t you dare apologize.

Author Bio:

Jen Giacalone is a former rock star, a graphic artist, a parent, a baker, amateur plumber and a timelord. She toured much of the east coast of the U.S. as a musician in her 20s, spent her 30s in corporate boardrooms of fortune 500 companies as a graphic artist, and in her 40s, became a published author.

She's the author of the novel "Loud Pipes Save Lives," published by Carnation Books, about a damaged detective pursuing a gang of vigilante lady bikers, and the current romantic suspense, "Art of the Chase," a tale of a divorced detective couple thrown back together to pursue a notorious art thief who has come out of retirement. She writes whenever she can and when she can't, she's thinking about writing: novels, screenplays, poetry with clever heroines, ill-advised romance, arts, and usually some weaponry.

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