Wednesday, November 8, 2023

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The Billionaire’s Devotion
Amรฉlie S. Duncan

(The Kept Trilogy, #3)
Publication date: Nov. 5, 2023
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance

The handsome billionaire Paul Crane can’t seem to stay away from me, nor can he stay with me.

Here I am, finally starting my amazing fashion design internship at a luxury, fashion house in Paris, my lifelong dream coming true… yet I’m still at a loss.

Apparently, escaping the USA press and their never-ending interest in the hot older billionaire and the certain young design student — hello, it’s me! — isn’t enough to give me some relief.

And it’s not just that the internship is complicated or the competition is insane. I’ve caught the attention of top designer Hayden, who sees me as a muse.

But my heart wants Paul, even though he’s still not opened his heart to me. He hasn’t returned, but he’s never really far away.

It’s almost as if he’s decided to keep rescuing me from everything, even from himself.

I don’t want to be rescued.

I don’t want a fairy tale where Prince Charming keeps saving the damsel in distress.

I want it to be real.

But can we make it real — does our love and everything it entails truly have a chance, or will this be the moment when the dream finally ends?

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“Want to hear a joke about construction—?”

“You’re still working on it,” I pointed at Dad and said the punchline before he could.

“You’ve caught onto me, kid.”

We laughed together far longer than the joke deserved. Then Dad’s expression turned serious. “It’s good to see you happy, princess.” My happiness surprised me, too. I’d thought my shattered heart wouldn’t ever know joy again. But Paul surprised me.

My love for Paul Crane was tangled in my soul. Rooted. Boundless. Even though it hurt that he wasn’t here with me now, he left me with his love.

His confession came as a light in my darkest hour. He was broken by our loss and exposed, and so was I. We were vulnerable. Powerless. No walls could rise in that despair. And he let me in and told me those words I so longed to hear from him.

Author Bio:

Amelie S. Duncan writes steamy, sexy stories. Her inspiration comes from many sources including her life experiences and travels. She lives on the West Coast of the United States with her husband.


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