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Bridgerton meets Agatha Christie in Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Lord, a dazzling first entry in a terrific new Regency-era mystery series with a feminist spin.

When Lady Petra Forsyth’s fiancรฉ and soulmate dies just weeks ahead of their wedding, she makes the shocking proclamation—in front of London’s loosest lips—that she will never remarry. A woman of independent means, Petra sees no reason to cede her wealth and freedom to any man now that the love of her life has passed, nor does she intend to become confined to her country home. Instead, she uses her title to gain access to elite spaces and enjoy the best of society without expectations.

But when ballroom gossip suggests that a longtime friend has died of “melancholia” while in the care of a questionable physician, Petra vows to use her status to dig deeper uncovering a private asylum where men pay to have their wives and daughters locked away, or worse. Just as Lady Petra has reason to believe her friend is not dead, but a prisoner, her own headstrong actions and thirst for independence are used to put her own freedom in jeopardy.

The Sexy Nerd's Review. . .

I’ve always been infatuated with royal-type stories, but never read one. It was always within my radar, but not sure why I never jumped in and started one. It could be because I was waiting for the right story to come along. Well, I’m happy to say this was an enjoyable read indeed.

Lady Petra Forsyth was all aglow with her upcoming nuptials, but as fates would have it, her wedding was not to be. Her fiancรฉ passed just weeks before their big day which placed a huge hole in her heart from that point. Lady Petra was not the kind of woman to be tamed or controlled, which in the early 1800s was unheard of. A woman was seen and not heard and she did as she was instructed to do, but not Lady Petra. She was like the kind of woman you’d find living today--very independent, head strong and followed her own lead. I loved her strength throughout the story.

While she attended a ballroom dance, there were rumors swirling around about a good friend of hers who had died suddenly of melancholia. Why Petra had just dined with her good friend not too long ago, but she knew they were both guilty of not seeing each other as they often should. There wasn’t any way that her longtime friend could be deceased, could it?

As Petra begins digging into her friend’s death, she soon realizes that it isn’t safe to insert herself into affairs that have anything to do with her. But being the strong-willed woman she is that would never stop her.

This was a cute story. I have to say the author was a true “author” in the sense that she provided a great deal of detail throughout the story. Some of the detail began to grate on my nerves a bit, but that’s because I’m not a fan of overly done detailing, but to her credit, once I got the rhythm of her writing, the story flowed with ease and the detail was all but forgotten, except for where it counted. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Overall, this was a cute whodunit type of regency-esque murder mystery mayhem. It’s like Murder She Wrote meets Steve Harvey meets Bridgerton. ๐Ÿ˜ A very well written story that will keep you glued to the pages.

The Sexy Nerd gives Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Lord  four additional horses for Lady Petra to train and ride. If you like Regency-era stories and cozy type mysteries combined, you’ll love this story. Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Lord goes on sale Tues., Nov. 14, 2023, at your favorite book retailers or wherever books are sold. Until next time, Nerds, you know how we do!

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