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New York Times bestselling author Mary Monroe returns to the Deep South Depression-era town of her scandalous Mama Ruby series, in this tale of a woman determined to have a respectable life--and she'll do anything to keep it...

The daughter of a prostitute mother and an alcoholic father, Maggie Franklin knew her only way out was to marry someone upstanding and churchgoing. Someone like Hubert Wiggins, the most eligible man in Lexington, Alabama--and the son of its most revered preacher. Proper and prosperous, Hubert is glad to finally have a wife, even one with Maggie's background. For Hubert has a secret he desperately needs to stay hidden. And Maggie's unexpected charm, elegance, and religious devotion makes her the perfect partner in lies...

Their surprising union makes the Wiggins’s the town's most envied couple--complete with a son, Claude, whom Maggie idolizes. Until he falls in love with the worst possible fiancรฉe. Terrified, Maggie won't let this woman destroy her son. And when her employer's brother sexually harasses her, Maggie knows something needs to be done about him as well. In fact, she realizes there are an awful lot of "disruptive" people who should be eliminated from her perfect world...

But the more Maggie tries to take control, the more obstacles are thrown in her way. And when it seems like the one person she always expected to be there is starting to drift away, Maggie will play one final, merciless game to secure what she's fought so hard to earn...

The Sexy Nerd's Review. . .

This novel proves many things for me. For one, it caused me to break a rule of mine that I never thought I would. Second, because of this rule, I was going to deduct two stars…and then something magical happened. This novel proved why I’m an avid reader and why I so enjoy everything about words and how they are relayed. But first, my review.

Maggie Franklin and Hubert Wiggins weren’t supposed to be. At least, not in the world in which they lived in. Maggie was celibate and Hubert had a deep-rooted secret that threatened his being and it was because they were best friends since children that Hubert pitched an idea to Maggie that would change both of their lives. Maggie’s beginnings weren’t the best having come from an alcoholic father and a prostitute for a mother. The neighbors didn’t think much of her or that much would ever become of Maggie’s life.

So, when Hubert suggested the two of them get married because it would help him and keep the community off her back because of his church-going background. It was a win-win for everyone, right? The happily married couple did what couples were destined to do, they started their family and were blessed with their son, Claude Wiggins. It was a joy unlike any other and Maggie and Hubert couldn’t have been happier.

That is, until Claude grew up and met the love of his life, Daisy. Daisy had some major baggage having had kids and all, and Claude would be responsible for a ready-made family. Was he up for the task? His parents certainly didn’t think so. In fact, when Maggie’s best friend, Jessie, the town gossip, unloaded the latest news that her Claude had taken up with Daisy, Maggie said isn’t no way her son was going to take up with that floozie. But no matter how much Maggie was against Claude taking up time with Daisy, she just managed to push him further into Daisy’s arms and this literally killed Maggie’s soul. What was a mother to do? Well, Nerds, you’ll have to read it to find out. This novel demonstrates so well how one decision can truly change the course your life will flow. Oh my, my, my!

So, back to the rule I broke. I was pretty upset when I started reading this because the synopsis made me think this was going to be like a good church-going drama, but it turned out that wasn’t entirely so. In fact, there wasn’t much about this story that related to church other than the characters attended and were related to people in the church. Immediately I had made up my mind that, although the story was well written and it was good, the fact that the author hoodwinked me into thinking I was getting one thing and it turned out to be something else, she managed to surprise me in a very happy way. When I truly discovered what this story was about, I understood why the author wrote the synopsis in the way that she did.

You see; therefore, I advise readers to never give up on a story even when you are struggling through it, or you can’t understand why something is happening that doesn’t make sense. Sometimes the author leaves hidden jewels that were well worth the wait. And this novel proved just that. In fact, I went so far as to complain to another reader about how upset I was that this story wasn’t going the way I thought it should. I told her I was going to deduct a couple stars for having been fooled, but had I abandoned the read, I would have never figured out what was “really” going on. Therefore, Monroe caused me to break one of my major rules about reading, and that’s ok. I discovered something magical about that rule I created for myself. Her style of writing and the plot she chose is the reason why I give respect to all authors whether I enjoy their work or not. The reader can always come away with something and she demonstrated this perfectly. OMG! I loved this story so much!

The Sexy Nerd gives Mrs. Wiggins five more storylines to continue—in which it does. This is the first installment out of three. I can’t wait to finish it and see what the characters are up to. I see why Monroe is a best-selling author. It’s the first time I ever read her, and I absolutely love what I read. Wow! When an author can fool me that well, I’ve got to give her credit. Holy shit! This woman can write! Until next time, Nerds, you already know what to do!

P.S. Don’t be so quick to abandon a book because it is taking you out of your comfort zone, you just might miss something magical!

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