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Book 1 of 2 | Dark MM Paranormal Romance | Hurt/Comfort | Captivity

Journey to the New World is a saga packed with adventure, nail-biting suspense, courage, and love, in which Eliott’s search for freedom and acceptance, amid danger and tragedy, will keep you at the edge of your seat throughout the entire story.

Eliott, a boy from a large family, raised in the struggle of poverty, sees his entire world fall apart when he’s bitten by a savage creature in the woods, becoming a beast himself.

Rejected by his own family, Eliott finds refuge in a remote village inhabited by others of his own kind, but tragedy strikes again when his pack is massacred by Charles Roderick...., a vicious scientist on a mission to uncover the mysteries of a new species. Kidnapped and tortured, Eliott manages to escape, embarking on a dangerous journey that will lead to rejection, love and the hope of freedom as Professor Roderick hunts him down to the end of the world.

“Hunted” is the first HFN book in a two-book series. The second book, “Rejected”, is needed for further development of the story.

Content Warnings: This book is rated R; not appropriate for readers under 20 years of age; contains elements of violence, sexual abuse, and other very explicit content that can be triggering and/or disturbing to some readers. Reader’s discretion advised.


On the third night, Eliott was too weak and scared to speak. He hadn't had a drop of water or a crumb of food for three days, the straw under his cramped legs was wet and filthy again, and he was going crazy from lack of movement.

This time, the man came into the cage when he noticed the lack of movement. Eliott made no effort to communicate or even open his eyes and, for a moment, Roderick felt a pang of panic. Placing his fingers over the side of Eliott’s neck, he felt for a pulse and was greatly relieved to see that his prisoner was still alive. Taking the light touch and the man’s reaction as a caring gesture, Eliott opened his eyes weakly and grabbed on to his captor’s hand for comfort.

Taken aback by the sudden display of trust, Roderick allowed it while assessing the boy’s condition, not out of care or remorse, but in order to preserve his greatest investment. Once he was sure his prey would live, he determined by his color and the clamminess of his skin, that Eliott was highly dehydrated and would need water very soon.

Holding on to the man’s leg, Eliott rubbed his face gently against the soft fabric, in a submissive gesture, trying to appeal to his captor’s compassion and feel some of his warmth, fishing for a caress, a soothing gesture or a kind word.

Trying to rail the boy in, Roderick entwined his fingers in his prisoner’s long red hair, feeling his soft, pale neck. The boy purred, almost in tears, but said nothing.

Please be kind to me… Please… He prayed, closing his eyes and feeling the gentle touch.

Roderick waited for him to speak, but he didn’t. “What do you want, dog? Are you not going to beg me this time?” The man prompted him to break the rules. “C’mon! I dare you...!”

Not understanding the words, Eliott kissed the man’s hands and legs in silence, trying to please him and gain his approval. Marveled by the effects of his conditioning, Roderick urged him to say anything at all, but the fragile beast had learned his lesson. He was rewarded with food and water and a quick raking out of the filthy straw.

Opposite to what his captor intended, the boy was getting all sorts of mixed signals, making him believe that his own display of affection had caused the man to soften up, and not his silence and Roderick’s experimental purposes.

The cleaning, however, was not seen by the boy as a reward at all, but a punishment since the raking of his crate came once more, at a price.

About the Author. . .

Medusa Stone is a novelist and poet, born in Spain, winner of the Humanitarian Literary Award, international blogger and journalist.

Passionate and driven by the defense of human rights, she moved to the United States in the year 2000, where she became an advocate against human trafficking, author, and fervent activist against sexual exploitation and slavery.

Through her novels, Medusa Stone explores the misuse of BDSM as an excuse for sexual abuse, with vulnerable characters in the hands of powerful men and organizations. Much of her writing explores the dark nature of humanity, shining a light on human rights violations, and enacting change one novel at a time.

When not trying to change the world, Medusa enjoys traveling in her caravan, playing music, and creating art... Having met many mystical characters through countless supernatural adventures, she decided to explore the Zenith Universe, through her new line of Dark Fantasy/Paranormal romance.

You can find more detail about her work at where you can subscribe to her email list for freebies and alternate endings.

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