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Twelve years after Malorie and her children rowed up the river to safety, a blindfold is still the only thing that stands between sanity and madness. One glimpse of the creatures that stalk the world will drive a person to unspeakable violence.

There remains no explanation. No solution.

All Malorie can do is survive—and impart her fierce will to do so on her children. Don’t get lazy, she tells them. Don’t take off your blindfold. AND DON’T LOOK.

But then comes what feels like impossible news. And with it, the first time Malorie has allowed herself to hope.

Someone very dear to her, someone she believed dead, may be alive.

Malorie has already lost so much: her sister, a house full of people who meant everything, and any chance at an ordinary life. But getting her life back means returning to a world full of unknowable horrors—and risking the lives of her children again.

Because the creatures are not the only thing Malorie fears: There are the people who claim to have caught and experimented on the creatures. Murmerings of monstrous inventions and dangerous new ideas. And rumors that the creatures themselves have changed into something even more frightening.

Malorie has a harrowing choice to make: to live by the rules of survival that have served her so well, or to venture into the darkness and reach for hope once more.

The Sexy Nerd's Review. . .

The fold is the only thing that separates Malorie, Tom and Olympia from the madness that has now become our world. It has been twelve years since Malorie and her children fled their old life and took the river to a better life. Tom and Olympia are now teenagers, and their sense of hearing is better than anyone’s eyesight. As with most teenagers, Tom wants to be free and see the outside world and be shed of the blindfold and his mother’s strict rules and regulations. Olympia, much like her brother, would like to do the same thing, but with some sensibility.

One day as Malorie was going about her chores, the teens summon their mother to alert someone was at their door knocking. Malorie trusted no one so she carefully spoke to the man through the door. He claimed to be a person with the Census Bureau of which Malorie had a hard time believing because the world as she used to know it no longer existed.

After her conversation with the Census man, he left some papers with her for her to read. Tom and Olympia take a look at the papers and discover two names that will change their mother’s world. Is it possible that there are more humans surviving the new world like them? Once they apprise Malorie of their findings, they pack up and head for the blind train. As crazy as it sounded to them, Malorie knew she had to get on it and find her surviving relatives. But, she also knew that the creatures were still out there and should she risk their lives to find something better? Malorie made that decision twelve years ago and she was about to embark on her hardest journey yet!

As much as I wanted to love this story as much as Bird Box, I found this book didn’t quite have the same level of fear that the original story had. This story was just a repeat of the same thing whereas the author took a detour and gave us more background information on Malorie’s life. The problem I had with that is once I got the backstory, I didn’t find it necessary to continue to go over it and I found that to be excessively done in this story because the author didn’t have much more to add. I was also a bit disappointed that the creatures weren’t described as I would have liked. He left it, once again, up to the interpretation of the reader to decide what the creatures looked like. I have my theories on this, but I will not share them for spoiler sake or to misguide any readers of their own thoughts.

The Sexy Nerd gives Malorie four extra blindfolds to keep her safe. Overall, this was a good read and will most definitely hold your interest. Is this a nailbiter? Absolutely not, but it has some great action that will keep you advancing the pages. Until next time, Nerds, you know what to do!

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