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Wolf in the City by Elizabeth Coldwell

The Lone Wolf of London by Morgan Welsh

A Wolf in Billionaire's Clothing Collection

Book Description

Wolf in the City by Elizabeth Coldwell

She’s about to fall in love with the real wolf of Wall Street.

Elliot Parata is an alpha wolf without a pack, after his was wiped out by an earthquake. Trying to get over his loss, he moved from New Zealand to New York and founded the Wuhuri Corporation, making billions through the creation of payment systems software. He tries to keep his life as private as possible, even though the press wants to know everything about this handsome billionaire, knowing if the secret of his true nature were ever revealed it would destroy him.

Aimee Bright is a diner waitress with a failed marriage behind her—the last woman a lone wolf might be expected to fall for, but when Elliot literally runs into Aimee in the street, the attraction is too strong for them to ignore. Soon, they are falling in love, but when an idyllic weekend getaway ends with Aimee catching Elliot mid-shift, the truth brings everything they had crashing down.

When things go from bad to potentially deadly for Elliot, will Aimee be able to overcome her fears and fight to save him?

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 The Lone Wolf of London by Morgan Welsh

Alexander Payne always gets what he wants…and he wants her.

Investment Banker Alexander Payne knows that the recent spate of murders in the City of London means only one thing—they are coming for him. Wolves do not belong in cities. That’s what he was always brought up to believe. But he is no ordinary wolf and has harnessed his lupine tendencies to become one of the wealthiest men in the country, if not Europe. Led by sharp killer instinct, he always wins. Always.

Now he has to fight against those who want to take advantage of his power and privilege—his own family. He has no intention of becoming like his father, a brute of a man and a poor excuse for a wolf. He will do whatever it takes to make sure that doesn’t happen. The bodies are piling up and fingers are starting to point towards him.

When Detective Sergeant Cora Daniels turns up at his office to question him, he is instantly drawn to her. Though she could be his downfall, he has no option but to follow his instincts. Because he always gets what he wants…and he wants her.

Reader advisory: This book contains mention of violent crimes.

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About the Authors

Elizabeth Coldwell

Elizabeth Coldwell is a multi-published author and editor whose stories have appeared in a number of best-selling anthologies. She has written novels in a variety of different genres, from paranormal to BDSM and contemporary romance. She is the former editor of the UK edition of Forum magazine and the proud winner of an International Leather Award. When she is not busy writing, she is an avid supporter of Rotherham United Football Club and can be regularly found on the terraces at weekends, cheering her boys to victory (hopefully!). 

 Find her online at The (Really) Naughty Corner,

Morgan Welsh

Morgan Welsh is a UK writer of paranormal and fantasy romance. She loves everything dark and gothic and will never tire of reading or writing about vampires, witches and the fantastical. Add some steam and she’s in her element. She lives with her husband and two children and somewhere dark and distant in her head. She’d love for you to join her there. 

Find out more at Morgan's website and follow her on Instagram.


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