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The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo meets Sharp Objects in this internationally bestselling psychological thriller, for fans of Jo Nesbรธ and Henning Mankell, now for the first time in English

A Danish journalist digs deep to uncover a web of lies that stretches back to a grisly murder, but knowing the truth might put an end to her story.

It's early September in Copenhagen, the rain has been coming down for weeks, and 36-year-old journalist Heloise Kaldan is in the middle of a nightmare. One of her sources has been caught lying, and she could lose her job over it. And then she receives the first in a series of cryptic and ominous letters from an alleged killer.

Wanted in connection with the fatal stabbing of a young lawyer three years earlier, Anna Kiel hasn't been seen by anyone since she left the crime scene covered in blood. The police think she's fled the country and have zero clues as to her motive. But homicide detective Erik Schรกfer comes up with the first lead when the reporter who first wrote about the case is found murdered in his apartment. Has Anna Kiel struck again, or is there more than one killer at large? And why does every clue point directly to Heloise Kaldan?

Meanwhile, the letters keep coming, and they hint at a connection between Anna and Heloise. As Heloise starts digging deeper, she realizes that, to tell Anna's story, she will have to revisit the darkest parts of her own past--confronting someone she swore she'd never see again.

The Sexy Nerd's Review

Heloise Kaldan is a journalist looking for her next big story to write. But before she has time to begin working her next piece, she’s getting chewed out by her boss for having written a story that wasn’t completely true. In fact, she didn’t do her due diligence for the piece. Her ass is on the line for real and Heloise isn’t sure what she can do to fix this grave error.

While she’s wondering if she still has a job or not, she receives a strange letter that, at first glance, appears as though this person knows her personally and what was even more disturbing, the letter was from Anna Kiel. Who is Anna Kiel? She’s wanted for murdering a high-profiled attorney three years prior. Why would Anna Kiel write to a journalist? How is it she seems to know intricate details about Heloise’s life when Heloise never met Anna Kiel?

As the reader continues to journey through all the clues and evidence, one thing becomes clear rather quickly, it appears as though Heloise isn’t telling the complete truth about what she knows and is closer to the alleged murderess than at first thought.

I’m a little on the fence with this book. I loved the idea of what the story lends to the reader, but I found it a bit boring in sections. I’m not exactly sure where the disconnect came for me, but it just didn’t seem to live up to the hype. I’ve never read this author before and her writing style is pretty strong, but I think since this book had been translated to English, perhaps some of what I needed was lost in translation. I’m not completely sure?

It’s frustrating to explain what I mean about this book. It’s not a bad book. It’s a good read and one that any avid reader can work their way through, it just wasn’t what I was expecting.

Having said that, the Sexy Nerd gives The Corpse Flower, four smelly stars. If you’re not sure of the history of a Corpse Flower, you should Google it and you’ll understand why I gave it “smelly” stars.  The Corpse Flower is out in your favorite book retailers or wherever books are sold. Until next time, Nerds, you know what to do!

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