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The #Sexy #Nerd Review. . .How to Kill Your Best Friend...#HowtoKillYourBestFriend #NetGalley

If you suspected your best friend, the person you were closest to in the whole world, was a murderer, what would you do? Would you confront her? Would you help keep her secret? Or would you begin to feel afraid? Most importantly, why don't you feel safe now that she's dead? From the author of The French Girl comes a novel full of secrets, suspense, and deadly twists.

Georgie, Lissa, and Bronwyn have been inseparable since dominating their college swim team; swimming has always been an escape from their own problems, but now their shared passion has turned deadly. How can it be true that Lissa, the strongest swimmer they know, drowned? Granted, there is something strange about Kanu Cove, where Lissa was last seen, swimming off the coast of the fabulous island resort she owned with her husband.

Lissa's closest friends gather at the resort to honor her life, but Georgie and Bron can't seem to stop looking over their shoulders. Danger lurks beneath the surface of the crystal-clear water, and even their luxurious private villas can't help them feel safe. As the weather turns ominous, trapping the funeral guests together on the island, nobody knows who they can trust. Lissa's death was only the beginning....

The  Sexy Nerd's Review. . .

Having just lost my best friend tragically, I could so identify with Georgie’s and Bronwyn’s emotions. It’s never easy losing someone you love, let alone that someone is your best friend. Georgie and Bron were staying at their best friend’s resort missing her like crazy attending her funeral. They would have much rather been visiting on better terms. What was so odd for them is how their best friend, Lissa, died. Lissa was a swimmer. She was a strong one at that! What Georgie and Bron couldn’t wrap their head around was how a strong swimmer like Lissa could have drowned and worst of all, where she drowned, at Kanu Cove?

Lissa’s husband, as well as her parents, couldn’t believe she drowned. In fact, everyone that knew Lissa had a hard time with her death. She had everything to live for. And she loved her life. To honor their deceased friend, they decided to take one final swim like they all used to do. Only problem was the locals had warned them that there was a serpent lurking in those waters. A serpent? Surely, they must have been mistaken, right? Is that what killed Lissa, they wondered? Despite the warnings and grumblings, they took their swim and very strange things happened while out in the water.

Not only were strange things happening in the water, Bron had some rather rude and threatening messages written to her on her bathroom mirror and walls. Hmm? Georgie received late email messages from the dead, literally. Yes, Lissa had reached out to her. How was any of this possible? Well, in order to find out, you have to read the rest of the story.

I’ve never read this author before and she has a very interesting style of writing. In fact, this story was well written, but what I struggled with is the amount of detail and what the detail focused on which was entirely too much movement. What I mean by that, the detail described pretty much every single thing the character was thinking and/or doing. There really wasn’t much room left for the reader to take on her/his own. The biggest hurdle I struggled with was the amount of detail regarding the swimming. I’m not what you would call a strong swimmer by any means, but I must say I know a great deal about every stroke, breath and submerging that there is to know regarding the water. It was a bit too much for my tastes. But the biggest problem I had with this story is that there wasn’t much mystery. I figured the entire story out and there were things that happened, which I will not leave any spoilers, that were never addressed. It was as if those things were afterthoughts and just merely forgotten. So, I was confused as to what really happened with some of those scenarios?

Overall, this was not a bad read. It was quite engaging and very well written. But, for me, too much detail can turn me off and that’s where it went left for me. By any means am I saying you can’t get through the book. You most certainly can. This story line comes down to preference. Every reader has his/her pet peeves and for me, detail can be a killer, of sorts.

The Sexy Nerd gives How to Kill Your Best Friend, three additional friends to try and kill. What these best friends endure is quite the adventure. I most definitely recommend you pick up a copy and explore. How to Kill Your Best Friend goes on sale, Tues., August 17, 2021 at your favorite book retailers. Until next time, Nerds, you know what to do!

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