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Leaving behind his new bride, Jack Cosgrove sails north with the sealing ketch' Lady Balgay'. Even before they leave Scottish waters, Jack becomes aware of the tension and superstition on the vessel, but the voyage becomes darker with menace, murder and horror as they reach the frigid Arctic seas.

The  Sexy Nerd's Review

This author was truly a pleasure to read. What stands out with Swift is that she is what I would consider a perfect author. She gives you just enough to tease the reader’s mind, but yet holds back so that you’re about to explode to find out what is going to happen next. Her writing style isn’t overly done. She shows off her writing chops by simply telling a story commanding the reader’s interest. Isn’t that what any author wants? I could go on about how well written this novel was, but let’s dive right into the story.

Dr. Cosgrove hasn’t quite left the dance floor with his newly bride when he’s about to leave her to take on a voyage of the big sea with the sealing ketch, Lady Balgay, appropriately named after his wife. The good doctor gets to spend his wedding night with his beautiful young bride in all their wedded bliss. However, the gloom of his impending sea voyage is weighing heavily on the lovers’ minds. When morning comes, Dr. Cosgrove eases out of his wedded bed, leaving a gentle kiss on his wife’s forehead and hurries off to the docks to meet up with the crew before he changes his mind.  Dr. Cosgrove would soon regret his decision. What he didn’t know is that his wife wasn’t about to let him go that easy. She followed him and gave him one more kiss and whispered their song in his ear. She asked him to please remember it. In which he promised.

As he boarded the ship, he realized how silly his wife was. She managed to get him to have his fortune told by a gypsy. Jack wasn’t the type of person who believed in all that nonsense, but to appease his wife, he sat down and let the woman read his palm. He simply had one question for her. Would he return to his lovely young wife safe from his voyage? The gypsy replied, “yes.” That’s all he and his wife needed to hear.

No sooner had he boarded the ship, he realized this trip might not be what he was expecting. Sure, his father-in-law owned the ship and was footing the bill for them to bring back seal skins to be sold for fashion and other items. But what was even more telling was the behavior of his shipmates. The further Lady Balgay got away from Scotland and closer to the Artic, the more Dr. Cosgrove realized what a grave mistake he had made. Would he ever see his lady love again? Well, readers, you’ll have to read the story to find out. This book was so damn good! OMG! I could not get enough. I enjoyed reading the story not just because of the story, but for the mere appreciation of the author’s work. If you’ve ever read an author who truly “gets it,” then you surely understand where I’m coming from. I wish every author could tell a story so flawlessly. But, don’t get me wrong. I have plenty of favorite authors that make me feel this way, but it was refreshing to read someone I have never read before make me enjoy the process of reading. Quite enjoyable indeed!

The Sexy Nerd gives, Dark Voyage five lighted candles. This was an incredible, dark and murderous story that will tantalize the toughest avid reader’s mind! The ending was awesome too! If you’re looking for a good suspense/mystery novel to read, you most definitely want to read this.  Until next time, you know what to do!  

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