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A man in prison for murder. One woman wants him freed. One woman wants him dead.

Mick McFarland is stunned when he’s arrested for murdering business tycoon Edwin Hanson, brother to David Hanson—one of Mick’s former clients. Mick is even more shocked when he’s confronted with the incriminating evidence: surveillance footage of him stalking the victim and pulling the trigger.

As Mick’s legal team fights against windmills trying to beat the prosecution in court, his wife, Piper, journeys across the country, trying to win her husband’s freedom by going after the man she is convinced is out to destroy Mick and David both. What she doesn’t anticipate is that David’s wife, Marcie, is on a similar mission to shelter her own husband. And the two women may not be on the same side.

Piper has it all right…and all wrong. And her time is running out. Will she be able to save her husband from conviction and clear his name? 

The Sexy Nerd ‘Revue’

As in true fashion of the Philadelphia Legal series, Myers certainly did not let me down! This story managed to take its readers on a nightmarish dream that you just didn’t want to wake up from! 

Mick McFarland and his law firm were celebrating yet another big win for their team, when the party was short lived thanks to Tredesco and his buddies interrupting the celebration. Tredesco, who is Mick’s nemesis, was all too happy to slap the handcuffs on. Why was Mick being placed in handcuffs you ask? Oh…why silly me. He’s being accused of murder. Murder, of all people?!! Well what the hell? Mick’s wife and colleagues looked on in horror as Tredesco pulled Mick away and placed him in the squad car. 

When Piper McFarland, Mick’s wife, Susan, Vance and Erin try to make sense of this gross error, it is then that they learn that not only did Mick kill his former client’s brother, Edwin Hanson, in cold blood, the District Attorney had videotape to back it up. Say what now?!!!! Mick used to be on the DA’s side before he went into private practice switching to the defense. He is a pillar in the community and has taken on some rather high-profile cases and managed to win, regardless of his unorthodox measures to get the result he desired. Damn it, at the end of the day, Mick is one of the good guys. So how is it that Mick finds himself in this web of a mess. 

Well, obviously, he’s being framed. And this coverup is so thought-provoking and planned that Piper and Susan are having one hell of a time trying to prove Mick’s innocence. And if Mick’s wrongful incarceration wasn’t bad enough, to add insult to injury, one of Mick’s former clients in prison manages to rear his ugly head, causing even more hell for Mick to deal with. 

Sheesh! Mick is just in so much hot water and whoever was behind the master plan really got Mick hemmed up. It looks as though my favorite attorney is seriously going down for this one. Or, is he? Readers when I tell you I was glued to my Kindle holding on for dear life sweating bullets trying to figure out what the hell was going on with my boy in this latest installment, you had better believe it. OMG, Myers terrified me just as much as Mick was certainly feeling. 

This! Story! Was! Aaaah-Mazing!!!! I couldn’t get enough of it. Gat damn, Myers is an awesome legal writer! If you weren’t feeling all the frustration that Mick was going through, then you couldn’t have been reading this story, because there’s no way you could sit for a few hours without squirming and worrying about Mick’s mental health and possible death sentence. The characters in this story were so friggin’ shady, I wanted to kill each of them myself. It was so hard reading what these people were doing to Mick and not want to jump in and try to help. I kept finding myself speaking out loud as if they could hear me. What I truly loved about the twists and turns is that although this story centered around Mick McFarland, the true heroes or shall I say she-roes of the story were Piper and Susan. I also enjoyed how Myers let Tommy have some shine in this story and meeting up with a person who definitely helped the McFarland team. 

I tell you every time Myers writes an addition to this series; it just keeps on getting better. I am so in love with the series and these characters. I love me some Mick. Like I said, if I could have entered into the story, I would have done everything in my power to help Mick out. He’s such a real character you just can’t help but want to do something. OMG, and the ending! Holy *&#^! I was on the right track the whole time, but Myers managed to put a twist that I did not see coming. Gat damn this book was sooooo good! 

The Sexy Nerd gives A Criminal Justice five bangs of the gavel. Man, oh Man! Buckle up readers because you are in for one hell of a bumpy legal ride! If you’re a fan of the Law & Order franchises and you’re looking for a book that measures up, I encourage you to start reading the Philadelphia Legal series. You will be sitting on the edge of your seat. Well done, Bill. You did it again! I can’t wait for number 5 in the series. Please don’t scare me half to death like you did in this one. (chuckle)! 

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