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Homeschool by Design 
By Monica La Vella 
Genre: Homeschooling, Education, How To 

Book Description 

How would it feel to know exactly how to homeschool?

Join homeschooling expert, Monica La Vella, as you embark on a quest to design your homeschool. In this fun and easy-to-read guide through the Sea of Knowledge, you will create a homeschool design that’s a perfect fit for your family. 

By the end of this book, you’ll: 

- choose your homeschooling method

- be confident in planning your days (or in choosing not to plan your days)

- know how to document learning in a fun and carefree way

- create a fully designed homeschool that’s right for your family

Excerpt From Book 

We're just going to dive in and start with one of the most asked questions by anyone considering the idea of homeschooling. 

How do you start homeschooling? 

I like to answer this by saying there's no one way to homeschool. It can be designed to look like whatever you want it to look like. It's the entire point of this book, right? 

Some families feel calm when they have a schedule in place, similar to that of traditional schools. Other families feel calm without a set schedule and prefer to set a rhythm for their days. Others make no plans at all and design their days based on the interests of their children. 

All of these are the best ways to homeschool because they fit each family best – Homeschool By Design. 

So again, how do you start homeschooling? Here's the gist of it: 
  • Consider any local laws around homeschooling. 
  • Observe how your children learn best. 
  • Think about what kind of homeschooler you would like to be. 
  • Check out the various curriculum. 
  • Decide on what routine (or lack of one) will work best for you and your kids. 
Are you sweating? It's not that complicated, I promise! This book will walk you through all the steps, so you have a reliable place to start. 

About the Author

Monica is a serial entrepreneur with a huge passion for teaching. She has been a home-educating mama since 2009. 

Obsessed with traveling, Monica and her family of four can be found exploring North America a quarter of the year. Following the mantra life by design, both she and her husband have built businesses that allow them to travel often. As a family, they have experienced more than half the US states, half the Canadian provinces, and six countries, learning the whole time. 

When not traveling, Monica can be found writing, studying her ancestry, and eating vegan chocolate. Not necessarily in that order. 

Recently featured on a national TV station with multiple segments on the transition to homeschooling, Monica has a Facebook group she uses to support hundreds of families as they educate their children from home. 

Besides homeschooling, Monica is the founder of one of Canada’s biggest vegan food festivals, an essential oils educator, speaker, and author.

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