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The Moon Always Rising
By:  Alice C. Early
Genre:  Magical Realism, Cultural Heritage

In 1998, fiery Eleanor “Els” Gordon thought the new century would find her married to her childhood soul mate, rejuvenating her family’s Scottish Highlands estate, and finally earning a managing director title at her investment bank. Maybe she’d even have the courage to discover why her estranged mother ran home to Italy thirty years earlier.

But when 2000 dawns, Els is mourning her fiancé and her father, and she’s unemployed, broke, and sharing an antique plantation house on the Caribbean island of Nevis with the ghost―or “jumbie”―of Jack Griggs, the former owner. Jack’s jumbie wangles Els’s help in making amends for wrongs committed during his Casanova life, and in exchange he appoints himself Cupid on behalf of a charter captain who’s as skittish about vulnerability as Els. Meanwhile, Els lures her mother to Nevis in hopes of unraveling the family secrets―but will the shocking truth set her free, or pull her fragile new happiness apart?

A moving and lyrical novel that transports readers from lush tropics to rugged highlands and back again, The Moon Always Rising explores how the power of forgiveness can help even the most damaged person fix whatever is broken.

Guest Post

What do you find most challenging about the writing process, and how do you deal with it? 

*The editing process is the most challenging aspect of the writing process for myself. I have a tendency to over edit, ending in that piece being a total mess that I am just not happy with. No amount of ice cream can morph the editing process into an enjoyable experience, although I have met a few writers who enjoy editing. Anytime I am ready to edit I keep in mind that simple phrase: less is best. You’ll never be 100% happy with your writing as there will always be new thoughts that will come into your mind. The trick is to become content with your current project and save all those new ideas for a new project.

When and where do you do your writing? 

*The morning is the time I like to set aside for writing, just after breakfast. I brew up a cup of coffee, chose a playlist of tunes and start typin' away. I tried writing at night, however, I found myself getting so stuck in the writing zone that I was losing major sleep, up for days at a time. Writing in the morning and setting an alarm to go off for lunch keeps my schedule simple. Plus, living in an apartment complex, the mornings are quite peaceful as the afternoons get busy with life. 

What have you learned about promoting your books? 

*Promoting is challenging as you are not only promoting your book in Hope’s of getting a exposure and sales, but you’re promoting yourself as an author and as a person. I struggle with promoting, but I am constantly studying up on ways to promote. 

What are you most proud of as a writer? 

*I am not one who is proud of my work, it’s always been a difficultly of mine. I am, however, very humbled by all of the kind comments, messages and reviews left by those who hav rad my books. To know that my words each out in a way that others have been inspired, others have felt less alone in their struggles and others have been able to find peace with their pasts just makes a writer feel all the feels. I guess you am proud of that. 

If you could have dinner with any writer, living or dead, who would it be and what would you talk about? 

*Stephen King, hands down. Oh my goodness, just the thought of that is electric. As far as topics of conversation, I would love to talk about anything. To be able to listen to Mr. King’s points of view on life, I’d be taking mental notes. 

About the Author

Alice C. Early's career spans academia, commercial real estate, international executive recruiting, and career-transition coaching. Her college English/creative writing major and professional roles requiring listening and shaping stories eventually pointed her back to her first love--writing fiction. Within the Martha's Vineyard island community she cherishes, Alice sings in a local chorus and fosters sustainability and women's rights and voices. An avid cook, she nurtures friends and neighbors with local bounty and her experiments in gluten-free baking. Alice and her husband have visited Nevis annually since 1996 and otherwise share a hand-built life in view of the sea.

Connect with the Author

Twitter:  @aearlyauthor
Website:  Alice C. Early

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