Sunday, March 1, 2020

The #Sexy #Nerd #Review...Pretty Little Girls...#Suspense #Mystery

From a USA Today Bestselling author, a timely and intense new mystery.

Until you know who to trust, trust no one.
The disappearance of a prep school girl from an affluent family leads to a hidden world of shocking secrets.

FBI Agent Victoria Heslin investigates alongside local police, but the mysteries only get deeper. Why are the girl’s parents so uncooperative? And why are the local authorities resisting her help?

When her efforts uncover a sex trafficking operation, Heslin enlists friend and fellow Agent Dante Rivera to go rogue and try to save the girls, before it’s too late.

Pretty Little Girls is the second book in the Agent Victoria Heslin Series by USA Today Bestselling Author Jenifer Ruff. It can be read as a standalone.

The Sexy Nerd ‘Revue’

One of the most heinous crimes is sex trafficking. And what’s worse are the victims that have to endure the vicious acts. FBI Agent Victoria Heslin was about to settle into her regular routine, when her boss called in a favor. Or better yet, someone that knew him called in a favor and he in turn reached out to Victoria.

Nonetheless, Agent Heslin decided to take on the task of finding one 14-year old student, Emma Manning. Emma came from a very powerful family and her parents were beside themselves with worry when she didn’t come home. Any parents’ worse nightmare and factor in the strange behavior of Emma’s father. According to his wife, she didn’t feel as though he cared enough about their daughter missing. In fact, he was so worried about his public image and what the media would say, that he did all he could do to keep his missing daughter on the low. Who does that?

What was even more strange was even though the FBI was involved and assisting local law enforcement, the Mannings also had a private investigator working alongside them. Agent Heslin wasn’t feeling that in the least. He continually got in the way of what they were trying to do. Too many cooks in the kitchen and someone was bound to get burned. As Agent Heslin continued to work the case, it was becoming clear that this sex trafficking operation was a lot closer to her than she initially thought.

Eh, although the storyline was interesting, I wasn’t captivated as I thought I would be. There were times I felt the story was slow and boring. The characters appeared believable, but I found my mind drifting to other thoughts and struggling somewhat to stay the course of the story. It’s not a bad story—it just wasn’t as exciting as I would have liked.

Overall, the Sexy Nerd gives Pretty Little Girls four more beauty marks. This story works up quickly and is a short read. If you have a few hours to devote, you can finish this book in one sitting. It’s not a bad read, just didn’t have my level of excitement. Until next time, Nerds, open a book and get mind blown.

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