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Soul Alchemy ~ A Vision Quest

By Elizabeth Foley 
Genre: Art & Poetry 

Artist's Statement about Soul Alchemy  

For me making art is a spiritual practice. It makes me feel alive, centered, and connected to something greater than myself.

Much of my work explores feminine archetypes from warrior and muse to medicine woman and inner child. Each painting is an expression of my own journey to reconnect with these parts of myself.

At the core of each painting is something I seek to discover, an intention I am exploring. What does my inner artist need in order to feel free to express my unique voice? What does the idea of the Muse mean to me. How do I access her inspiration? What would my life look like if I thought of myself as legendary?

As I progress through a painting I enter a dialogue with the emerging image. What message does it have for me each step along the way? What does the way that this layer or that drip of paint interacts with each other have to tell me about my inquiry? 

Each brush stroke is made with intention. Dots become prayers. A line reflects a trauma or long held desire. Deeply personal symbols are created that reflect a broader universal language.

I believe that at the core of the problems that plague today's world - human suffering and environmental degradation - is greed, apathy, and a lack of compassion. To solve these problems what we need isn't just a legislative or a scientific response but a spiritual and cultural transformation. 

We need to wake up to our interconnectedness with each other and with nature. To create real change we must awaken compassion, empathy, and understanding. I envision my art as one voice in a chorus of voices that will catalyze this shift in the consciousness in humankind.

This poem accompanies the piece titled 
Elishaba ~ Visionary Warrior 

You Are Legendary.

Dive deeper within yourself.
There are gifts awaiting you there.
Dive Deeper.

Inside you lives one who is patient and powerful.
One who is focused, fearless and fierce.

Dive Deeper.

Inside you lives one who owns her truth.
One who is boldly authentic.

Dive Deeper.
There are powers untapped within you.

Inside you lives a cosmic warrior
a visionary queen,
a healer,
a sage.

Dive Deeper.

Inside you lives one who is consecrated to the divine.
One who embraces determination.

Trust a little more.
Trust even more still.

Trust your intuition.
Trust that you are on the right path.
Trust in your vision.
Trust that if you take the leap
You will come floating gently down into the valley of your dreams.

You are meant to show others the way.
You are meant to lead others to greatness.
You are meant to shine light in the darkness.

You are one with the universe.
You are a supreme being of infinite wisdom.

About the Author:

Artist, Elizabeth Foley helps women feel more joy and fulfillment by experiencing creative expression. She offers online and in person workshops, retreats and one on one coaching. Elizabeth has been passionate about creativity since childhood and believes that we are all creative beings whether we claim the identity of artist or not. 

Elizabeth is a painter, potter, poet and creativity coach. Currently her medium of choice is acrylic paints. Elizabeth studied fine art and ceramics at The University of Oregon and apprenticed to accomplished Oregon potter Gil Harrison. She has studied with award winning artists Shiloh Sophia McCloud and Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici. Elizabeth is a certified Intentional Creativity Instructor and a Cosmic Smash Book Teacher in training.

Elizabeth loves getting her hands dirty with paint, clay and in the garden. When she isn't busy in her studio you'll find her climbing a mountain or relaxing by a waterfall in her hammock. Elizabeth is grateful to make her home in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, NC.

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