Sunday, November 3, 2019

The #Sexy #Nerd #Review Featuring...Empty Bodies...#Zombie #Apocalyptic #Dystopian

In a single moment, everything changes…

Hundreds of thousands of people suddenly collapse, leaving their friends and loved ones behind, terrified and confused. 

Moments later, the fallen rise, and the survivors become the hunted. 

Perfect for any fan of post-apocalyptic horror, dystopian science fiction, supernatural suspense or the zombie apocalypse! 

Do you like “The Walking Dead”, “The Stand”, “I Am Legend”, “Dawn of the Dead”, or “World War Z”? 

Then you’ll love Empty Bodies! 

***WARNING*** Empty Bodies is meant for mature audiences only. It features foul language and graphic descriptions of violence and death. Please purchase at your own discretion.

The Sexy Nerd ‘Revue’

There are moments in time where I feel we are truly living in an apocalyptic society from all the brain-dead people I seem to run across, but to truly have that type of society, I wouldn’t want to be here physically anymore (chuckle).

I didn’t get to review many scary reads for my Spooktacular October, but I managed to get in one and Empty Bodies did the trick for me.

Our story begins with three main characters who, like many of us, were going on about their day, living their lives and doing their jobs. And suddenly, mass chaos begins to occur when people begin to fall where they stood. Will was working in an industrial plant and just so happened to be in an empty office stealing himself some much-needed Z’s, when he heard screams and that awoke him. When Will went to investigate, what he saw was enough to make him throw his lunch, which in fact he did.

Jessica was working at the front desk of a popular hotel chain checking in weary driven, rude travelers who were eager to get their key cards to head to their rooms. One guest in particular was there to enjoy her bachelorette party and she was in too much of a hurry to get her drink on and act a fool with her bridesmaids. Once Jessica got rid of the rowdy women, she stopped up on their floor to check in to make sure they were taken care of, and when the elevator doors opened, what Jessica witnessed made her want the doors to re-close so she could get away as fast as she could.

Gabriel had finished up some work and was at the airport about to board a plane so he could get back home to see his wife and daughter. After finishing up a conversation with his wife, he took his seat and was eager to take flight. Gabriel noticed a young boy traveling by himself whom he was seated next to. The little boy, whose name was Dylan, was a little chatterbox, and Gabriel had to shut that down so he could get some shuteye, but not before heading to the bathroom. Once inside, he relieved himself and he heard what sounded like pounding on the bathroom door, and then screaming. He wasn’t sure which, but one thing was for certain, Gabriel wasn’t about to open that door. But of course, he couldn’t remain in the airplane bathroom forever. So, when the coast was clear, or so he thought, he exited, and what he saw terrified him.

These three characters were living in the Twilight Zone for real, except this wasn’t an episode. They were thrown into the new world order, so to speak, and destined for survival as best they could. Life as they once knew it would be no longer. Gone were the days of civilization. Welcome chaos and the walking dead. Not just the walking dead, but empty bodies void of their souls. Oh sure, they looked like regular humans, at first, but once they were bitten and/or eaten by an empty, they too became one and the population was crawling with them, literally. 

When I tell you, I couldn’t get enough of this story, that’s an understatement! I love horror books of every variety, and this book absolutely scared the crap out of me. Oh my, while I read and someone would come by and speak to me, I’d literally jump out of my skin. And what I find even funnier is the fact that Bohannon didn’t want to write a zombie story. For someone who didn’t have any intentions on writing a zombie book, sure as hell wrote a damn good one, I’ll say. He made an entire series out of it. Not only is this book a series, but one of Amazon’s top sellers. Way to go, Bohannon, since you didn’t purposely set out to write a damn good zombie book. I’m most definitely a fan! But I have to say, I plan to read another installment every October. And that’s ok because I love reading those types of books in October. I’m so looking forward to the second book which I was given a copy of “free” by the author. Thanks for that lovely gift.

Somehow, all three of these characters lives are going to intersect, and there’s one character in particular I wish the zombies would kill right away, and that’s David Ellis. I have a terrible feeling we’re going to be meeting again in the rest of the series. Hmmm?

The Sexy Nerd gives Empty Bodies five extra lives. This was a terrifyingly good read and for those of you who love a good scare, I encourage you to try this series, if you haven’t already. Oh my, my, my what an incredible hair-raising, goosepimply read!  Just the kind I love. Until next time, Nerds, open a book and get mind blown!

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