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In "The Replica," you are plunged into the turbulent and chaotic life of David Conrad, a former black ops agent grappling with the remnants of his jaded past.

The Replica

Team of Eight Book 2

by Jodee Jean Daniels

Genre: Suspense Mystery with Heat

In "The Replica," you are plunged into the turbulent and chaotic life of David Conrad, a former black ops agent grappling with the remnants of his jaded past.

After being pulled into a sinister plot by the manipulator of his DNA, Dr. Lui, who dreams of world domination with an army of "Perfect Soldiers," David strives to reclaim the pieces of his former self. Just as David finds solace and peace with Lili and his old comrades, a shocking twist occurs—a man who looks exactly like a lover David once eliminated appears.

Caught in a web of espionage and stealthy conspiracies by The Council, a mysterious and dangerous syndicate vying for global control, David's journey is further complicated by his growing bond with Dr. Charlotte Rohr, his confidante and physician who twice saved his life. As new affections bloom and old friendships are tested, David stands at a crossroads, torn between his overwhelming feelings and the pressing need to aid Lili and his old Team of Eight in their desperate fight against Lui's tyranny.

"The Replica" is a riveting tale of redemption, loyalty, and the enduring battle for autonomy in a world shadowed by duplicity and ambition. Join David Conrad as he navigates a labyrinth of intrigue and passion, where every choice could be a step toward salvation or a descent into chaos.

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The Ledger

Team of Eight Book 1

Lillianne's world is a fortress of secrets and chosen bonds. Her 'Team of Eight' isn't just a close-knit group; they're her found family, safeguarding her against shadowy global threats. Amidst this protective circle, a dark presence lingers - Azrael. This mysterious entity whispers from the depths of her mind, guiding her in a relentless fight against evil.

Lili is a beacon of hope for the innocent in this high-stakes game. Her mission? To thwart Abrams, a formidable adversary whose reign of terror over the vulnerable must end. But her path is riddled with obstacles, not least of which is the frustrating bureaucracy of the agency that constantly impedes her progress.

As Lili navigates this treacherous landscape, she faces a personal dilemma. The stirrings of a new love beckon, offering a chance to heal old wounds. But just as she opens her heart, echoes of a troubled past resurface, threatening to shatter her newfound hope.

The Ledger is at the heart of her journey, symbolizing the wrongs she aims to right. But as she crosses out each entry marked in red, Lili is forced to confront a critical question: What matters more, the mission or the people who stand with her in solidarity?

Join Lili in a gripping tale of loyalty, love, and the relentless pursuit of justice.

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Jodee Jean Daniels is a novelist from the Deep South. She might not be everyone's cup of tea, but she is a special group of people's double shots of whiskey, so to those, she is JUST WRITE! Join her on the journey to become a best-selling author while balancing her home life with 5 kids and 2 grandkids. It is always fun on her channel!

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