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Rhiannon D’Averc

Book 12 is due to be released on April 16.

Series Description

If you’re a fan of extreme slow-burn friends to lovers romance, high-stakes drama mystery thrillers, or sharply witty gay men, you’ll love Serial Investigations. Jump into the action from the very beginning with Bloodless, the first book in a series you won’t dare to put down.

Genre: M/M Crime/thriller

Trope: Slow burn friends to lovers

The stories should be read in order. Each one ends on a cliffhanger.

The stories have been updated and re-released in January 2023.

Overall Heat Rating for the series: 4 flames   

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Book Title:  Bloodless 

Length: 73 000 words/ 250 pages

Themes: Identity struggle, murder, unrequited love, casual sex

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 How do you solve a murder… 

… When you’re the prime suspect?


A body cut up into pieces and left in Highgate Wood. It sounds like the most exciting case that private detectives Ram and Will have had to deal with since leaving their FBI training and returning to the UK.

As each new body is piled up amongst the trees, the stakes get higher – and Serial Investigations London embraces their first real challenge.

But Ram’s rock star lifestyle – staying out all days of the week, drinking too much, and having hot gay sex with a different man every night – soon catches up with him when the police realise there’s just one link that connects the bodies.

And it’s him.

Will faces a battle around the clock to prevent his best friend from being put away for life – and while the two of them face their own demons, there’s a secret hanging over their heads that might just bring it all crashing down. And while he fights to keep it together, the one thing Will can’t bear to face is the fact that he wishes his best friend was something more.

If you’re a fan of extreme slow-burn friends to lovers romance, high-stakes drama mystery thrillers, or sharply witty gay men, you’ll love Serial Investigations. Jump into the action from the very beginning with Bloodless, the first book in a series you won’t dare to put down.


Book Title: Blood Evidence

Length: 64 000 words/ 259 pages

Release Date: This edition January 2023

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 A missing person’s case…

… A murder investigation?


Private detectives Ram and Will got their name in the news by catching a high-profile serial killer, and now they’re getting more clients. When they’re hired to find a missing person, all they’re worried about is having to spend a night away from home. They go to check his last known sighting in Kent, staying in a quaint country inn.

Little do they expect that Serial Investigations London are about to get thrust into a new murder investigation – one that happens right under their noses.

A confession seems to solve the case, but is it genuine? With suspicions running high, the duo still have to find time to sniff out the whereabouts of their client – and avoid getting arrested themselves.

Add Ram hitting the bottle harder than ever and Will fighting to stay in control, they might be about to lose more than just the case. And that’s all to come after they manage to get through the torturous temptation of spending a night in the same bed!


Book Title: Blood Alcohol

Length: 64 500 words/ 241 pages

Release Date: This edition January 2023

Themes: Coming out, murder, inner demons, virginity

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A horrific torture case with a ticking clock.

All he can see is the bottle.

Private detectives Ram and Will thought they’d wrapped everything up when they found Ray Riley’s body in Sevenoaks. But it turns out that things aren’t what they seemed – and Riley may be the latest victim of a torture-happy murderous duo.

For the second time, Serial Investigations London are called in to assist as civilian consultants with DI Alex Heath’s team at the Met – but they have their own personal problems getting in the way of clear thinking.

Will has something to get off his chest, and it’s related to that kiss they shared – the one they both tried to forget. But Ram can’t stop drinking to push away the confusion, and this time he’s going to land himself in more trouble than ever before.

Can they get over their issues for long enough to stop another murder – or even keep themselves alive?


Book Title: Blood Sucker

Length: 235 pages

Release Date: This edition January 2023

Themes: Conflict, murder, trust and loyalty

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 A dead body posted on social media.

A vampire stalking the streets of London?


Will and Ram’s private detective partnership seems to be unravelling. After they ended up having sex for Will’s first time, the attraction and tension between them is at an all-time high – and the unsolved Simon Shystone case is haunting them and their police contacts.

DI Alex Heath normally wants their help, but when a murderer posts images of his victim on social media, the chase is on to trace his digital footprint. With his superiors breathing down his neck, he might not be able to bring Serial Investigations London in on one of the biggest cases of their career.

They should be focusing on the artist who seems to have disappeared without a trace from his home studio. Could his latest commission have something to do with it? And will they be able to handle finding another client turned up dead?

Things are spiralling out of control for Will and Ram – and this time, they might not have each other to rely on.

If you’re a fan of extreme slow-burn friends to lovers romance, high-stakes drama mystery thrillers, or sharply witty gay men, you’ll love Serial Investigations. The story continues with Blood Sucker, a devilish tale of a man who claims to be a myth – and a disappearing act as strong as any magic.


Book Title:  Blood Sport 

Length: 219 pages

Release Date: This edition January 2023

Themes: Murder, kidnap, vanquishing the big bad

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A copycat killer who knows every detail.

A locked room with no escape.

Serial Investigations London is officially closed for business – with private detectives Will and Ram still not talking to one another after an explosive argument. Even when a copycat killer springs up, seemingly targeting only their own cases, they can’t see eye to eye.

Little wonder, given that they both have something more important on their minds. Someone knows about San Francisco – about the man who died on a rooftop at their feet. Who has discovered their deepest secret? And what will they do to keep it buried?

That’s when another mystery piles up on top of the rest: a traditional trope that every seasoned detective must face, the locked room. But this one has a deadly twist, and if they don’t come to terms with their differences and work together, one of them might not live to regret it.

Will and Ram face the most pressing and personal danger yet – but the question is, who’s behind it? And will they realise they’ve been set against one another before it’s too late? Or can they admit their love for one another and use it to become stronger than ever?

If you’re a fan of extreme slow-burn friends to lovers romance, high-stakes drama mystery thrillers, or sharply witty gay men, you’ll love Serial Investigations. The story continues with Blood Sport, a nail-biting series of twists and turns that will have you questioning how they’ll ever survive.


Book Title:  Blood Diamond

Length: 223 pages

Release Date: This edition January 2023

Themes: Family relationships, shyness and outness

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 Was it a thief…

… Or his family?


When a private client asks Ram and Will to track down a stolen yellow diamond, they quickly realise the suspects may be closer to home than he expects. Two adult children with serious issues, a jilted wife, and a young lover – and that’s just the beginning.

As what should be a straightforward case turns into a murder investigation, Serial Investigations London have to team up with their old friend Alex Heath – and an old enemy…

With Will in recovery and Ram staying on the wagon, everything seems to be looking up in their personal lives. They’ve even finally managed to admit their feelings for each other and turn casual sex into a real relationship, but that doesn’t mean the road ahead is without rocks. Will’s shyness around their relationship may just turn into the hurdle they fail at, with Ram feeling unwanted and pushed aside.

After an uncomfortable confrontation for Will, and with calls from their families becoming harder to ignore, the boys are going to need to work harder than ever to ignore their own issues if they want to get to the bottom of this crime – in which nothing is as straightforward as it seems.

If you’re a fan of hot gay romance, high-stakes drama mystery thrillers, or sharply witty Londoners, you’ll love Serial Investigations. Start a new chapter with the boys in Blood Diamond, a mystery with a sharp and bloody twist.


Book Title:  Blood Pressure

Length: 232 pages

Release Date: This edition January 2023

Tropes: new relationship/closeted relationship, unwillingly outed

Themes: Family relationships, domestic abuse, claustrophobia/trauma, locked room murder mystery

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A victim locked in a closet.

A detective trying to get out.


Ram has spotted his dream locked room mystery case on the news – and he’ll stop at nothing to get himself involved with it. The problem is, newly-minted DCI Alex Heath isn’t too happy about it – and neither is his successor as DI…

An invitation to go home and visit family should be a happy occasion, but for Will, it’s quite the opposite. Spiralling into doubt and fear about Ram outing him to his parents, Will risks pushing his boyfriend away entirely. And when he does go home, things aren’t going to be plain sailing. Will’s father is an ex-Ambassador, and he’s got many years of finding out secrets behind him.

As both are rocked by revelations about Will’s past and his present, Ram and Will have to contend with doubting policemen, ugly habits rearing their heads, and the struggle to trust one another. And there’s the question of how Harry got that black eye…

If you’re a fan of hot gay romance, high-stakes drama mystery thrillers, or sharply witty Londoners, you’ll love Serial Investigations. Try to keep your cool in Blood Pressure, a mystery with lashings of anxiety and an ending that might just blow a family apart.


Book Title:  Blood Sacrifice

Length: 209 pages

Release Date: This edition January 2023

Themes: Trust, ritual murder, hidden identities, romantic vacation

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A romantic trip to Paris…

… A dead body at a famous landmark.


A romantic trip to Paris for Ram’s birthday was never going to go smoothly. It should have been a week of sex and sightseeing, but fate has other plans. From the second he spots a police presence while exploring a monument and learns there’s been a murder, he’s chomping at the bit to get involved – and when he’s recognised by a fan, he gets his chance.

With Will sucked into the investigation as well, this should a chance for them to enjoy an international reputation and solve a case for the Paris police. But as more bodies appear and the case gets more complicated, their unfamiliar surroundings could turn around and bite them.

Locked out of their hotel, with their cash stolen and an unfriendly police force shutting them out, Ram and Will might just come up against their biggest opponent yet. Are they embroiled in a conspiracy that could overtake them entirely – or are the shadows in the corners of Notre-Dame really just shadows?

If you’re a fan of hot gay romance, high-stakes drama mystery thrillers, or sharply witty Londoners, you’ll love Serial Investigations. Try to stay alive in Blood Sacrifice, a mystery set in the city of love – where red is now the colour of blood, not romance.


Book Title:  Blood Magic

Length: 242 pages

Release Date: This edition January 2023

Themes: Occult/psychic abilities, secret society, family relationships, trans struggles

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A psychic prediction of death…

… That ends up coming true.

Ram and Will aren’t exactly believers in the occult. When a medium comes to them and claims to have heard rumours of death from the other side, they laugh her out of the door. But when her prediction comes true, they have to consider that something more serious might be going on here.

A missing person case turns out to be more complex than they could have imagined, and with the lines between life and death becoming blurred, they both have to confront their own feelings about what happened to them in Paris. The fears, the doubts, and the worry for Capitaine Varon haven’t gone away – and every hint of danger is enough to make Ram want to wrap Will in unwanted cotton wool. That doesn’t help when they’re sucked deep into the turmoil of national politics, and the seedy underbelly of big business.

With a trip home for Christmas impending, and the invitation to the mysterious Black Dragon still looming, Ram has a lot on his mind. But with Harry and Alex both having their own reasons for staying quiet, Will has to find a way to keep him steady on his own. What’s awaiting them will make them wonder – and rattle some of their core beliefs to their foundation.

If you’re a fan of hot gay romance, high-stakes drama mystery thrillers, or sharply witty Londoners, you’ll love Serial Investigations. Search for the truth in Blood Magic, a tale of death and corruption that will raise the hairs on the back of your neck.


Book Title:  Blood Trail

Length:  232 pages

Release Date: This edition January 2023

Themes: Gaslighting, serial killer, trust, red herrings

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A cold case heating up…

… A secret coming out.


Ram and Will have a secret, and only three people in the world know it. The two of them, and JM Coil. So, with Ram seeing Coil – who must still be in prison – at every turn, and the FBI turning up to investigate a cold case, it feels like it’s only a matter of time before their secret is out.

The Thames Valley Stalker is Will’s pet serial killer, and now it seems like he might be active again – both at home and overseas. What should be a dream case turns into a nightmare as he realises his very involvement puts Serial Investigations London at risk of everything being found out at last.

Alex is still on bereavement leave, right when they need a friend at the Met the most. They’ll have to put up with assistance from a very unlikely source instead – someone who is supposed to be dead, turning up like a ghost on their doorstep. And with one more secret to try to keep from the FBI, it’s not long before Ram is eyeing the bottle again like it might be the answer to all of his problems.

The question is, can he stay on the wagon, keep his cool, and help solve the case? Or will the serial killer of the century finally be the undoing of the private detectives who have weathered every storm until now?

And what will happen when they take their suspicions into their own hands and confront their suspect in the flesh?

If you’re a fan of hot gay romance, high-stakes drama mystery thrillers, or sharply witty Londoners, you’ll love Serial Investigations. Fight for justice in Blood Trail, a twisting tale of clues, suspects, fake deaths, and new leads that will have you reaching for the red string.


Book Title:  Blood Work

Length: 240 pages

Genre/s: M/M Crime/thriller

Themes: Gaslighting, serial killer, trust, hidden domestic abuse, forced proximity

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Two friends in danger…

… Two cases to solve.


Getting arrested on suspicion of killing the latest victim of the Thames Valley Stalker seemed like it might be a big deal. But that’s the least of Will and Ram’s worries when a bad week turns even worse.

Capitaine Varon saved their lives in Paris, and all they want is to do the same. But with the French policeman determined to get out of their tiny apartment, and the FBI now aware of his existence, it’s starting to feel impossible. Keeping him alive might be more than they can handle, with limited resources at their disposal and threats coming from every direction.

Harry’s excuses are starting to wear thin when he turns up covered in bruises yet again, and Will’s determined to find out who his elusive, controlling boyfriend really is. But when Harry pretends everything is fine, how can Will make him see he’s in danger? And will his warning come too late?

As if being pulled in two different directions wasn’t enough, the private detectives soon find themselves pulled in four. Running under all of their worries for their friends are two cases – one concerning the Thames Valley Stalker and one connected to the Black Dragon. Both of these cases are more than just jobs – they’re personal.

Can they save Varon and Harry before it’s too late? Can they catch the Thames Valley Stalker – or convince the FBI to do it – when the suspicion is falling on their own heads? Can they solve the murder of a prominent Black Dragon member without falling into a trap set by JM Coil himself?

And, most of all, can they handle all of this pressure without falling off the wagon?

If you’re a fan of hot gay romance, high-stakes drama mystery thrillers, or sharply witty Londoners, you’ll love Serial Investigations. Race against time to get all the answers in Blood Work, a tension-driven tale that will leave you not knowing which way to turn.


Book Title:  Blood Pumping

Length: 228 pages

Release Date: April 16, 2023

Tropes: sexy bet, shy power bottom

Themes: Lockdown, anxiety, alcoholism

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One hot bet…

… Three cases to lose.


Two months of lockdown, and already Ram and Will are tired to death of it all. The same four walls. Seeing the city, but not being able to go out into it. The only diversions available either tire Will out or leave Ram unsated.

The solution?

A hot bet from Will that convinces Ram to take on a new case – one that they have to solve remotely.

Then Alex calls with another one.

And then the FBI want to speak to them about Kit Anderson.

The tension is piling up, so Will surprises even himself when he gets hot enough under the collar to pull Ram into the bedroom and take control. But with Harry still locked down with his abusive boyfriend, a video meeting with Coil on the cards, and a lot of awkward questions from international law enforcement, it might just take everything Will can pull out of the bag to win that bet.

But that doesn’t mean he’s not going to try.

If you’re a fan of hot gay romance, high-stakes drama mystery thrillers, or sharply witty Londoners, you’ll love Serial Investigations. Resist the urge to spiral in Blood Pumping, a lockdown mystery that will leave you poring over maps and going down rabbit holes.

Hiro stirs as I drag my jeans up over my thighs, and I groan inwardly. He’s awake. I wasn’t supposed to wake him. I was trying to get out of here clean.

“Where are you going?” he asks, a sleepy voice that would almost sound cute if you were into that kind of thing. 

“Home,” I tell him. I could lie or whatever, but I’m tired. This is why I usually just sneak out. I’m not good at coming up with believable excuses.

“It’s the middle of the night,” he says, sitting up slightly to squint at me.

“Night Tube,” I tell him with a shrug. Yes, thank fuck once again for the Night Tube.

“I’ve got something else you could ride,” he says, waggling his eyebrows. 

I stare at him for a minute, cocking my head.

“Alright,” he says, as if conceding a point. He ducks his head just a little, down onto his own arm. “I’ll ride you. I guess that’s the only way you like it.”

I’m about to leave, but I look at him there with his head dropped down, looking up at me through faux-shy eyelashes. He has that sleek, black hair that most Asians have, falling just into those eyes. In the dim light like this, he could be from somewhere else. China. Or Korea, even.

Not that that makes a difference.

But I find I’m palming myself lightly through my underwear instead of doing up my jeans, and the thought of fucking Hiro again before I leave does have a nice ring to it. “I don’t know,” I say anyway, wanting to tease him, wanting him to beg me for it. “I think I need a little more convincing.”

Hiro fixes me with a naughty look that I can make out even in the dimness of the room, his eyes practically sparkling. He doesn’t need asking twice. He practically springs up and towards me, landing on his knees in front of me.

“You don’t need these,” he says, nosing at my boxer briefs for a moment before using his teeth to pull them down. Once they’re far enough for my already hard dick to spring loose again, he stops and puts his mouth to better use, closing it over my head immediately.

I groan, throwing my head back to the ceiling. I grip onto his hair, silky under my fingers. He feels good – warm and wet, his tongue flicking over my head on each stroke like he’s some kind of fucking clarinet player. With my eyes closed and that hair in my hand I can almost believe he’s – 

Fuck. I should not be thinking about my straight roommate and best friend while getting off. For one thing, it’s pointless. And it’s not like I’m drowning in rejections over here. I can get any hole I fucking click my fingers at. 

“I want to fuck you,” I growl at Hiro, pulling him back from my dick by his hair. It leaves his mouth with a sucking pop, sending a shudder down my spine.

“Yes,” he murmurs, both an agreement and a cheer, and he climbs up on the bed in front of me on all fours. Ready. He reaches back to play with his own hole, moaning lightly, while I slip a new condom on. He’s still fucking open from last time. He probably gets a lot of good results from other guys playing the slut like that, but for me, it’s less of a turn-on. I get so much dick, I would kind of prefer it sometimes if someone actually made it a challenge for me.

I line myself up behind him and push forward, feeling how his ring sucks me inside. He groans long and low, the same way he did earlier. I’m close enough already and I don’t see much point in dragging this out. I do want to get home. I let go, pumping into him hard and fast for a few long moments before I feel my balls draw up. I come with a shout, pumping inside him for the last few bursts of pleasure, milking everything out of it. 

“Ohhh, yes,” Hiro says, pulling himself off me and turning to look, on his knees still. He’s still hard. I guess he didn’t come. Sort of sounds like his problem, not mine.

“Alright,” I say, tucking myself back into my jeans and continuing to dress. “Now I really have to go.”

“But, baby,” he pouts. He tugs himself a few times, keeping himself going. “We’re not done.”

“One ride and I’m going,” I remind him. “That was the deal.” I shrug my shirt on over my head and grab my leather jacket. “Sorry, mate.”

I don’t call him baby. For some reason, it makes my stomach turn. 

Maybe I just know that I would like myself even less if I pretended I really liked these men and got their hopes up that way. 

I sweep out of his home and back onto the road, heading for the Tube with the precision of a sniffer dog, well-trained at seeking them out. A cold walk and Tube ride home, and I might get a few hours sleep in my own bed. 

About the Author . . .

Rhiannon D'Averc is a romance, crime, and young adult fiction author based in the UK. She also writes true crime.

Trademarks of her work include dystopian fiction, LGTBQ+ themes, and explorations of the horror genre alongside experimental short story formulas, with a lick of wry humour.

She is available as a ghostwriter, for live readings, speaking engagements, and workshops on any and all topics to do with writing and publishing. As of January 2023, Rhiannon has had 85 books published under her own name and under others.

Rhiannon lives in East Sussex with her husband and son and is probably squirrelled away as you read this in her home office, hunched over a keyboard and trying to resist the temptation to stop working and start crafting.

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