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The Sexy Nerd's #Review Featuring...A Predator and a Psychopath...#Psychological #Thriller #ApredatorAndApsychopath #NetGalley

"The plot is graphic and unapologetic....a novel for those who really have the stomach," Readers' Favorite.
After Jason is committed to a mental institution, he begins to uncover things he never knew before or things his mind shut out to protect him. Under the care of the facility's doctors, he finds himself questioning what's real and what's not. What is the truth? What happened to him? Is his mind playing tricks on him? 

Wait a minute, what happened to his wife, Lisa? Where is Lea? Why can't he remember what happened?

Meanwhile, Jerry is dangerous and unpredictable. He envisions a world where boundaries are broken down and he is free to enforce his narcissistic belief that he has a divine mission. Technology allows him the freedom to use his position of trust to play with people's lives.

An explosive ending that is anything but expected, forgive yourself for shuddering throughout and after you close the book

Drawing inspiration from real cases, and with well-researched, realistic characters, A Predator and A Psychopath is not for the soft-hearted.

Get your copy now.

The Sexy Nerd ‘Revue’

Every now and again you stumble upon a rare find in a novel. And I’m happy to say that I’ve found that diamond in the rough.

Jason Stankovic is living a lie. Or what he perceives to be a lie. He’s been committed to a mental facility for reasons unknown to him. Of course, you aren’t just locked up in that type of facility for the hell of it, so why on earth was he committed there? 

On the other side of town, take Jerry, who is a building handyman of sorts. His job isn’t that hard to do—in fact he finds what he does to be quite lucrative, but not in the money sense. Oh no, what Jerry does is find single mothers who are down on their luck to move into his building, and strange occurrences begin to happen. What strange occurrences, you ask? The sniffing of one’s underwear. Installing cameras and bugs throughout the apartment so someone can watch and listen to unsuspecting tenant’s every move. And as an added benefit, single mother’s daughters—quite ripe and ready for the picking!

Jason finally discovers the reason he’s been put into a mental facility and is now granted release. He’s been healed of what ailed him mentally, right? Once he gets out, his paranoia begins to get the best of him or is he being paranoid? His entire family is gone and he has no way of knowing where they are without any leads. The police don’t take him seriously, but there is one such person who shares Jason’s pain.

Are you confused? Well…you’ll have to read this very quirky and weird story to find out more. Actually, this is the type of read that I would have most likely ended up hating, but it was so out there, I couldn't get enough! Reader beware, though, this is not the type of story for the squeamish! Ooh no, quite the opposite. This story is for a very mature reader and one that can handle a grotesque subject matter. I have to say I enjoyed this story a great deal. Not exactly sure what that says about my taste in subject matters, but when an author can write such a good story and spin a tale so horrible, you’ve got to give your props!

As I mentioned at the top of my review that every now and again you stumble upon a rare novel, and this most definitely was one of them. I put this novel in the same class as some other greats such as Greg Levin’s In Wolves’ Clothing; Secondhand Smoke by Patty Friedman; Peter Hodges’ What’s Eating Gilbert Grape; and How I’m Spending My Afterlife by Spencer Fleury. Kerk is in great company! A story this horrible was that good and I couldn’t get enough! I kept tapping my Kindle waiting to find out what Jason and/or Jerry were going to do. 

The ending wasn’t exactly what I expected, but I suppose as crazy as this story was, it was fitting. Overall, this was a weird ass story. OMG, that's an understatement for real!  There isn’t any other way to put it other than the way I just stated. If you’re the type of reader that is ‘open minded’ and willing to receive something a little different and read outside the box, if you will, then I say this book is most definitely for you. Not every story you read is going to be presented in a perfect box adorned with a bow. In fact, for me, I look for new voices in the literary game that can take it up a notch, and Kerk did the damn thing! However, having said that, his story is not for everybody and some may find the story line to be vulgar and insensitive. But not this reader! I loved it!

The Sexy Nerd gives A Predator and a Psychopath five zany stars out of this world! This was one of those reads that I will never ever forget because Kerk’s choice in subject matter is one that most don’t like to touch. He executed the story well. There’s some real life’s lessons to be learned dealing with those types of shady characters. If you want to read outside the box, A Predator and a Psychopath goes on sale Tues., August 13, 2019. It’s a short read, so start it right away or add it to your to-read shelves! Either way, you’re good. Way to go, Kerk! I’m a fan!  Until next time, Nerds, open a book and get mind blown!

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