SNR Work Schedule (Book Tours)

Time is valuable--especially my time! I'm sure you feel the same way. It's important that my boundaries are adhered to. In order to work with The Sexy Nerd, please see my schedule.  There may be certain instances where I will vary from this schedule, but that doesn't happen too often.  Please respect my time and space as I will do the same for you.  😘

Most of the book tours I work with are able to reach me via my personal email address.  However, The Sexy Nerd enjoys collaborating with book tours and/or authors.  If you'd like to reach out via my contact form found on the sidebar near the end of the blog, please see schedule below.


7a - 4:45p EST

I'm online everyday, but I do have a normal 9a to 5p.  I generally check my email throughout the day, depending on my work schedule.  I disconnect from online by 4:45p each day.  (Of which, all of you should have a 'disconnect' time from social media 😉). If you're a book tour sending a media kit after 4:45p during the weekday, I will not review it until the following day. The time varies on when I will see your kit depending on my work schedule. 


Sexy Nerd's Social Day

11a - 2p EST

Saturdays are reserved for The Sexy Nerd's social media pages on Instagram and Threads (Follow @SexyNerdRevue).  I usually engage with my fans, answer questions/messages, sign up for new tours to host, etc.  I do not upload any kits on Saturday.  So, if you need a post for Saturday, please make sure I get it on Friday before 4:45p.


11a - 2p EST

I upload kits around 11a up until 2p. If you send a kit after 2p, I will not review it until the next day and the time varies depending on my work schedule. 

RECAP FOR BOOK TOURS: Please provide your kits in a timely fashion or you run the risk of it not being posted.  Thank you!

The Sexy Nerd Revue